Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alfonso Gomez set to face Saul Alvarez on Star Power

Alfonso Gomez will indeed be the next opponent for Saul "Canelo" Alvarez on September 17 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, which will be part of the Mayweather vs Ortiz undercard on HBO pay-per-view.

Alvarez (37-0-1, 27 KO) has won two fights on HBO this year, beating Matthew Hatton in March and Ryan Rhodes in June, both in dominant fashion. This fight is likely to catch some flak simply because he's once again fighting a light-hitting welterweight for his junior middleweight belt. The complaint about Alvarez's rise is that he's faced smaller fighters with little pop, leading to speculation that his handlers are worried about his chin.

Gomez (23-4-2, 12 KO) will be fighting for a major title for the second time. In 2008, he faced then-unbeaten WBA welterweight titlist Miguel Cotto on HBO, and was savagely beaten until the fight was stopped after five rounds. It was an overwhelming beatdown. Gomez has won six straight since then, but his best win in that time was over Jesus Soto Karass, a welterweight fringe contender.

Alvarez will certainly be a heavy favorite in this one, as I don't suspect many are going to feel Gomez has the firepower or skills to challenge the young "Canelo."

With this fight, the Mayweather vs Ortiz PPV now has three bouts: The main event, Alvarez's fight in Los Angeles, and Erik Morales vs Anthony Crolla. A fourth fight should be added soon.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roach: Floyd Mayweather will stop Ortiz

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Coach Freddie Roach, believes that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is capable of knocking out his September 17 opponent, Victor Ortiz.

Despite being highly favored, very few experts believe that Mayweather will be able to knockout Ortiz.

According to BoxingScene.com, however, the 4-time Trainer of the Year believes that Mayweather can KO Ortiz.

“Can Mayweather knock him out? If he makes Vic get a little too aggressive and walks him into a counter shot. That’s the kind of power he usually has,” Roach said.

Roach, however, said Ortiz has become a much better and stronger fighter since moving up in weight.

“Ortiz is strong at the (welterweight),” Roach said.

Roach added that he has told Ortiz “for years” to move up in weight.

“He walks around at 165 (pounds) and he was fighting at 140. He was killing himself,” he added.

Roach said that some of the best sparring sessions he had seen featured Ortiz against Pacquiao.

“But then when he gets down close to weight, I've seen him get knocked down twice in my gym, by mediocre guys,” Roach added.

He said that Ortiz would weaken himself too much trying to make the weight.

“I think the weight makes a big difference,” Roach said.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Victor Ortiz Has Floyd Mayweather Jr. in His Sights

In boxing, it’s easy to prove you’re the best… all you have do is win. For WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, winning has come with hard work and knowing what losing really feels like.

Born in Liberal and raised in Garden City, Kansas, it hasn’t always been pay-per-view boxing match-ups and big pay days for Ortiz. By the time he was 10 years old, he and his siblings were abandoned by his parents and left to be raised in the Kansas foster care system.
“I grew up with a Caucasian family and before that I was running around like a stray dog,” said Ortiz, a Mexican-American. “I’ve been through a lot, you know. And I always say… what can this person give me that I haven’t gone through or I haven’t already received?”

At some point during his amateur career, Ortiz dealt drugs to make money. He would later quit after he saw his picture on the cover of a local paper when he won a Golden Gloves championship, and he realized that he could be something better.

“I’ve been through it all. I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the highs; I’ve seen the lows,” said Ortiz.

His fight to survive and his drive to win has carried over to a career in boxing. Ortiz, now 24, is a world champion whose prominence rises with each victor.

For his next fight he’ll try to defeat someone who has never lost and someone who is considered one of the top two pound-for-pound fighters in the world: Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr.

“I’m not taking this fight because of the pay and this and that," said Ortiz. “I just want Floyd, you know. He’s one of the best of all time.”

Floyd will face a challenger for the first time in 16 months after a lengthy lay-off that included some legal troubles. But don’t think Ortiz is underestimating his opponent.

“You can’t underestimate anyone, man. He’s a great fighter. So it’d be ignorant on my behalf to think of him as some kind of, like, walking stepping stone,” said Ortiz.

While the days of living like a “stray dog” are long gone and life of a well-paid fighter is his new life, Ortiz doesn’t forget what made him who he is today.

“I’ve been to the bottom. I’ve tasted the dirt. I’ve been that piece of gum on the bottom of people’s shoe,” said Ortiz. “So at the end of it I was like, What are you going to give me that I haven’t already been through?'”

In boxing today, two names have become the focal point of the sport, Floyd and Manny Pacquiao (who most consider the best in the sport). With this fight, Ortiz has an opportunity to become a household name and the best in his profession.

“I always wanted to go down in history as one of the all-time greats. I’m knocking at the door, you know. And I’m definitely going to stay here as champion,” said Ortiz. “I want that history that they have. I want that pie. You know what I mean? ... I’m not just trying a little bite here. [No]. I’m going to swallow it all.”

September 17th in Las Vegas, NV he’ll have his chance to cement his legacy.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Roach: If Mayweather Beats Ortiz, Pacquiao is Waiting

By Edward "Eddy" Chaykovsky

Freddie Roach, trainer of WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao, says his boxer will be ready and able to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2012. Roach appeared on ESPN Radio and said his boxer wants the fight with Mayweather, who needs to beat WBC champion Victor Ortiz on September 17 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Pacquiao has a scheduled fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on November 12 in Las Vegas. Both boxers need to win the scheduled bouts to keep their anticipated meeting in play.

“We want that fight badly,” Roach said. “We agreed to everything he asked for the least time... and nothing happened. Is it just talk or is it action? He is fighting Victor Ortiz and he’s a southpaw...He has to beat Ortiz first and that’s not going to be an easy task Last time, we agreed to everything he asked. On my side and on Manny’s side, we want that fight a 100%. We’re gonna fight Marquez in November and anytime after that. If (Mayweather) wants to fight the next day, we’ll be ready."

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mayweather talking Pacquiao, but drug tests, too

Floyd Mayweather Jr. swore on a stack of boxing gloves this past week that, yes, he really, really, REALLY wants to fight Manny Pacquiao.

It was news boxing fans everywhere have been waiting to hear. But, at the same time, it should also give them pause.

In reality, we’re no closer now to a Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown than we’ve ever been.
Mayweather’s words came during a promotional tour for his Sept. 17 bout against Victor Ortiz.
In New York and again in Los Angeles, a good portion of the questions directed at Mayweather centered on his plans to fight boxing’s No. 1 star, not Ortiz.

“Do I want to fight Pacquiao? Absolutely,” Mayweather said. “I want to fight the best they got out there, not just him, the best they got out there.

“And if he’s on the list as one of the best guys, then absolutely.”

But in the next breath, Mayweather uttered the words fight fans don’t want to hear.

“Pacquiao’s next,” Mayweather said, “as long as he agrees to the (Olympic-style drug) testing. Victor Ortiz has agreed to do it. So did (May 2010 foe) Shane Mosley.

“I’m also testing. It’ll show that boxing is clean.”

Mayweather in the past has suggested Pacquiao has taken performance enhancing drugs. It’s long been the sticking point between the two and the reason the two have shadow boxed around the richest fight in boxing history for a couple of years now.

Apparently, it still is. And it’s the reason fans shouldn’t get too worked up over anything Mayweather says, or the fact that he’s ending a 16-month layoff to fight Ortiz.

The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight should be a good one. Ortiz is coming off a career-defining victory over Andre Berto that made him the WBC welterweight champion.

Ortiz got off the canvas twice to win a 12-round unanimous decision.

Despite the layoff, Mayweather should beat Ortiz. Say what you will about Mayweather, the guy’s a freak of nature.
He possesses abilities that are unparalleled in the sport of boxing today. No one beats Father Time, but Mayweather has given no indication his skills have begun to fade.

That brings us back to the subject of Pacquiao, who has a date with Juan Manuel Marquez in November. Providing Pacquiao wins that – and he should – all of the attention once against will be focused on Pacquiao-Mayweather.

And the same old stumbling block – random, prefight blood tests.

“I never once said Manny Pacquaio is cheating,” Mayweather said last week. “I’m not taking anything away from him. All I said is we should take the tests. If you want to beat me, I want you to earn it. Just take the test.”

The problem has been the protocol for taking such a test. A test, by the way, that is not required by any state boxing commissions.

Mayweather wants the test conducted right up until the fight. Pacquaio has only agreed to blood and urine testing at certain times.

Until that issue can be resolved, there will be no megafight.

In other words, nothing has changed. We’re really back at square one, with seemingly nowhere to go.

Each fighter has painted himself into a corner on this. Someone is going to have to give in.
Mayweather’s ongoing legal issues may bring him to the negotiating table eventually. But even that’s not a sure bet.

At this point, it still might take a miracle to get the fight we all want to see.

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